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 Bedian Spins is the name of an amateur cricket team based in Lahore, Pakistan. The ground is named after the team. Originally a Bamboo crop field in a privately owned land of 6 acres, later converted to a reduced playing field. After complete laser leveling of the area, Pitch clay was imported from Nandipur and is imported almost every year to maintain quality. Professional pitch curators were hired from renowned grounds to prepare the pitches. Clay for three pitches was installed in the start but due to short boundaries at “Point” and “Square Leg” only 2 pitches are used.

The boundaries from the center of a standard cricket pitch are 56 and 58 meters towards “Point” and “Square Leg” respectively. The straight boundaries however are placed at 70 meters, yet are still extendable.

The ground is located only 4 km ahead of Midland Housing Scheme (Sua Asil Road) and 10.5 km ahead from Elite Police Training School (Bedian Road) or almost 25 km ahead of Nawaz Shareef Interchange towards Bedian road. The village is called Rorha Boghan.

The ground was created to help establish a village cricket team and to find cricketing talent. In fact all the donations/bookings from the matches are spent on the development of Rorha Bogha Cricket team.

We regularly play on weekends from Mid October till March. We have had teams from Universities, Housing Societies, Villages and Companies.

Our team comprises of businessmen, mostly old Aitchisonians & strictly Non-club players.

We welcome you to come over with your team and have a match against us.

Proper Toilets and a dining room are available at the ground.


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